Autism Life and Living

Empowering young adults with autism by providing programs that promote inclusion, independence, socialization, and well-being.

Our Future

To provide safe, supportive and affordable permanent housing for neurodiverse adults.

Our Values

Independence~Support~Dignity Purpose~Inclusion~Community

Our Vision

To ensure the most vulnerable of our society live an independent and fulfilling life.

Autism Life & Living (ALL), an Arizona 501(c)(3)nonprofit, empowers young adults with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) to lead fulfilling lives.

Through various programs, they promote inclusion, independence, socialization, and overall well-being for young people age 13 and above.

Empowering individuals: ALL equips young adults with the skills and confidence needed to live independently and actively participate in their communities. This includes offering resources and programs that foster personal growth and development.

Championing inclusion: ALL advocates for the acceptance and integration of individuals with autism and I/DD in all aspects of society, ensuring they have equal opportunities and feel valued.

Promoting independence: ALL provides essential support and programs to help young adults with autism and I/DD live independently, make their own choices, and manage their daily lives.

Fostering connection: ALL recognizes the importance of social interaction and organizes events and activities that nurture friendships and build connections among individuals with autism and I/DD.

Enhancing well-being: ALL prioritizes the overall health and well-being of young adults with autism and I/DD, aiming to improve their quality of life through various initiatives.

Connecting to resources: ALL acts as a bridge, connecting individuals with valuable community resources and programs that address their specific needs, such as independent living skills development, social interaction opportunities, and employment support.

Advocating for change: ALL actively advocates for policies and funding that increase the availability of safe and affordable housing options, a critical need for the autism and I/DD community.

Autism Life & Living serves as a beacon of hope for young adults with autism and I/DD. Their comprehensive approach empowers individuals to achieve independence, build meaningful connections, and thrive within their communities. From advocating for accessible housing to fostering social engagement and well-being, ALL’s unwavering dedication paves the way for a brighter future for this deserving population.

All About Autism Life & Living

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

Margaret Mead